Run your business in Sweden

If you want to move your business to Sweden or start your business from scratch here – come to Nässjö!
We know that moving to a new country may be a daunting experience. Everything is new, including the regulations for running a company. That is why we at Nässjö Business Development offer you all the help you need: from questions surrounding taxation to help finding a location for your business. Within our unique OneDoor method, we gather competencies on every possible area pertaining to establishing your company in Nässjö.

Centre of Scandinavia
Nässjö, Sweden – a logistic hotspot at the crossroads of six railway lines – is strategically placed at the demographic centre of Scandinavia. A vast number of companies have chosen to place their central warehouses here, for distribution out on the Scandinavian market.

But Nässjö is more than logistics. Located in the famously inventive and entrepreneurial region Småland, Nässjö is a town where starting and running a company is made easy by its networking atmosphere. That’s where Nässjö Business Development come in. By way of our unique OneDoor method, you quickly get access to a number of competencies – within recruitment, financing, building permits, and everything in between – without having to chase around for the right people. One door – OneDoor – is all you need.

If you are planning on starting up or moving your business to Sweden, Nässjö offers a great climate for your company to thrive in – not to mention the beautiful surroundings of Sweden’s southern highlands.


“They dared to clinch a deal with their 24 hour service, of which I am very impressed. I tell everyone I meet around the world about it, and use Nässjö as a model each and every time I need a good example.”
Lars Larsen, founder of Jysk