Nässjö Business Development welcomes Sherwin-Williams to Nässjö. The company reaches some 35 countries, including Russia, from their logistic hub in Nässjö.

Companies wishing to establish in Nässjö can count on being well taken care of. Nässjö Business Development works in accordance with the OneDoor method, which means that we give fast, smooth service and good advice in confidence.

By connecting competencies on a vast number of areas – property, real estate, business development etcetera – we can offer complete solutions for those wishing to move their businesses to Nässjö, Sweden.

Logistic Park Nässjö is a logistic cluster containing a number of central warehouses, an intermodal terminal and logistic areas in Nässjö, including direct connection to Sweden’s main rail line and 25 minutes to Europe Highway 4. Third party logistics is represented by, among others, Höglands Logistik Center, Lagerservice, Schenker Logistics, Transab, Tura and Urban Petersson Logistik.

Nässjö has a long tradition of loyal and competent professionals, with a strong sense of work ethic and high efficiency. In addition to this, being the only Swedish town with railroads in six different directions makes Nässjö a splendid location for logistic intensive companies.

Nässjö and Jönköping together constitute Position Scandinavia, a collaboration which further strengthens the logistics competence of the region. The solution-oriented work of Nässjö Business Development and Nässjö Municipality has made sure that Jysk, Rusta and many other companies have located their central warehouses in Nässjö.

In Nässjö there are three main areas of commerce: City, Almenäs and the ICA-area. Within these areas there are good possibilities for establishing new commercial businesses. Nässjö Business Development has good relations with landlords and estate owners and is able to help you in queries pertaining to premises, staff and building permits.

Service companies
Nässjö Business Development manages Nässjö Business Park where we offer fully equipped office desks in a creative environment.

Claes Johansson, CEO, Nässjö Business Development: +46 70 673 88 73