Living in Nässjö

If you’re looking for living space, welcome to Nässjö. With a vibrant town centre and laid-back, rural surroundings, Nässjö offers the type of living you’re after – whether it’s a secluded house by a lake or an apartment close to everything.

With a plethora of forests and lakes, the Nässjö area embodies the archetypal image of Sweden. And no wonder when Nässjö is just around the corner from where many of Astrid Lindgren’s characters dwelled.

Nässjö is part of what is called the Highlands of Southern Sweden. Due to Nässjö’s altitude, up to 375 metres (1230 ft) above sea level, the climate zone in Nässjö equals the climate zone of parts much further north in Sweden. There’s plenty of snow in the winter, making skiing one of the most popular leisure activities.

Compared to the bigger cities, living in Nässjö is very cheap. Schools in Nässjö are known for their excellence, from primary schools to specialised gymnasiums. A number of sports clubs, churches and cafés coupled with a very personal atmosphere, makes Nässjö a place where social life is the last thing you need to worry about.